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Blockhead´s as a kennelname - some may think what a funny name to call dogs, but when they see our dogs they know why... :) It doesn´t mean stupid of silly, it really is a "petname" for these two lovely breeds! When I wanted to have a name for our breeding I thought "It must remain somehow of the breed" - in a funny way. First name I picked was Funny Fellows but it was allready taken by someone else, second one was Blockhead´s which was based on a serie back to 1930th in Cinemas - this was later shown in TV as a black & white serie. Well, I got the name Blockhead´s





All our litters are registerated into Finnish Kennel Club, you can find them here.

My goal is to breed strong, healthy, easy going and friendly dogs. There is a "picture" in my eyes like an ideal bobtail, sometimes I´m close to it but as we all know it all comes from parents and their genes. Mother Nature is the great "artist" also in dog breeding.

Our grandson with an old english sheepdog puppy
One our havannese puppies
Our Helmi, Mamitas High Heels
Lily´s daughter Hottey